Season 2 = ☑️
I’ve been thinking about this #crypost for days, and how to appropriately explain how difficult, rewarding, inspiring, and insane this weekend, this job, this sport are and it’s just impossible to describe. But I’ll try.

Startups are hard work. And there are times when I want to give up, and I question why the hell I am putting myself and my family through this…and then I feel the explosive energy of the crowd during a tight race and I’m like oh, right. It’s because this sport is something so special, it deserves every ounce of energy I have to give to bring it to people, allow them to play and watch and experience because simply put, it’s fun AF. How often do you celebrate, and jump and clap and feel like you’re going to explode with excitement in your life? It happens at every, single GRID match for the players, fans and staff….and that’s why we all work so damn hard – to give that feeling to as many people as we possibly can. And it’s worth it.

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