When we wanted to launch a blog that detailed our personal journey, we brainstormed together what to call it.  Pretty quickly, it came to us: 

Would You Walk A Little Faster?  

It might sound like typical sibling competition or annoyance, and we laughed at that meaning, but the true reason goes waaaaaay back.  

The phrase actually comes from a song our mom used to sing to us.  It goes:    

Ruby and Mather were walking through the pasture 
Ruby said ‘Mather, would you walk a little faster?’ 
Mather said ‘Ruby, I have a sore toe.’
Ruby said ‘Mather, oh I did not know!’ 

Where did this song come from and why did she sing it?  I have no idea…but it’s stuck with both of us to where we both think of it every single time someone says our names together.  So when the suggestion came up for the title of this blog, we both loved it right away.

On top of all of that, we also liked that it implies impatience, which we’ve certainly felt on and off during our tenure launching startups…impatience with money coming in, with other people “getting it,” with the success we truly felt was inevitable but sometimes was too far off to see clearly anymore.

So that’s the super exciting story behind the name of this blog.  If you have any idea where this song actually came from we’d love to hear about it!