Mather Wiswall

Marketing, Strategy, and Competition


Mather Wiswall is the CEO of the AGA. He will oversee branding and marketing, media development, League sales, sponsorship relations, and rules and competition.

Mather Wiswall is also currently the CEO of the FGL.  He is in charge of competition, branding and marketing, strategic partnerships, and athlete relations.  

Mather Wiswall has also served as the General Manager for the Miami Surge. He was responsible for all strategy regarding branding and marketing, sales, and investor relations.  He contributes to the Competition Committee of the NPGL.

In Summer 2013, Mather partnered with Trap Door Athletics, a fitness event planning company, to launch Philadelphia’s first fitness league, The Liberty Box League, as well as several one-day competitions.  Mather developed brand elements for the league including logo, website, promotional materials and videos, as well as standards videos for all events.  He also developed and implemented the marketing strategy, assisted in programming and testing and helped manage all events within TDA.

Since 2008, Mather served as Founder and President of [G] Wis Concepts, a Philadelphia based branding firm.  Within this role he grew the company from a single freelancer to a financially stable, industry respected firm named as #5 in top 10 firms in Philadelphia.  His responsibilities included primary sales and client retention, lead design, client marketing strategy and business growth. 

Simultaneously, Mather began working in the event marketing industry in 2005. This involved designing, constructing, and implementing event, tradeshow and corporate/retail environments.  In his role as Senior Exhibit and Environment Designer, he worked closely with clients such as Comcast, Verizon, LG, Nasdaq, Eurocopter, Intelsat, Exxon Mobil, and multiple government organizations, to accurately and legally portray their brand in order to satisfy their marketing goals.  

Mather’s strengths lie in his ability to know his audience, and market to that audience with precision.  Whether through branding, design, PPC campaigns or sales, Mather can effectively communicate goals, ideas, statistics and research while engaging the market.  As a dedicated, lifelong sports enthusiast, he could not be more excited about bringing another incredible sport to the world.  



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